Internship: Retro Press

Retro Press is a letterpress, print & branding studio based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

We are looking for a dynamic intern to work along side our Studio Director and Branding Specialist.

You will gain experience in all elements of the marketing mix by working with our branding clients in the fashion, beauty & lifestyle categories. You will also be involved in the preparation of the marketing strategy for Retro Press and the tactical implementation to drive the business particularly in the wedding & event industries.

The studio is a small yet dynamic environment with a real collaborative hands on approach.

To find out more about the marketing experience of our studio director feel free to visit We are looking for someone for one to two days per week for a minimum of three months to commence as soon as possible.

Send application through to

Applications close 18th August


Intern Profile: Emma Bedson

Wow. Has this girl got an impressive PR internship CV or what? 

528183_10151985304627119_290829293_nRead about Emma Bedson’s various PR internship experiences and see which company she highly reccomends for interns.

The Basics: 

Emma Bedson, 20, currently studying a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) at RMIT, graduating in October this year.

Dream job?

Top boss at a consumer PR agency. Or perhaps Founder/Director of my own PR agency. The possibilities are endless…

You’ve had a busy interning life over the past year, tell us about your internships

Two Birds Talking 

My first internship was at Two Birds Talking. I was the typical PR intern -running coffees, media kit packing, phone handling, booking and receiving couriers, editorial monitoring, database updates and so on. I assisted on a couple of events for Kookai and Nike. Whilst I liaised between their Melbourne and Sydney office during this internship, I had a chance to work at Two Birds Talking’s Sydney office as a fill-in PR co-ordinator. I hit the ground running at that time working directly on Kookai and Lovisa. If there is anything that I got from Two Birds Talking, it was MEDIA IS KING.

One Green Bean

Throughout the first half of 2012, I confirmed an internship with One Green Bean. I saved up for six months to pay for accommodation, flights and living expenses to intern full time with One Green Bean. During this time I prepared press kits and coverage reports, assisted with the production of events and performed admin and ad hoc office duties. I worked on a number of clients such as IKEA, Dunlop Volleys, Virgin Mobile and CBA. One Green Bean definitely showed me the difference between Melbourne and Sydney based PR.

Undertow Media

I interned with Undertow Media briefly before going to Sydney last year. On my return, I came back as a contractor to assist their account co-ordinator on Mt Hotham, Kathmandu, Tupperware and Domaine Chandon. It was at Undertow Media where I learnt what the role of a junior PR professional is really like. I pitched to media on a daily basis, refined my writing skills, contributed to campaigns, proposals, brainstorms and meetings. I was also responsible for account administration & reporting, which inspired me to write my third year undergraduate thesis on PR measurement and evaluation.

Mango/DDB Melbourne 

This has been my most recently internship. Having vast industry experience prior to Mango, the team delegated tasks to me not usually given to interns. I worked across a number consumer accounts creating, pitching and following up media materials. I secured multiple pieces of coverage both in print and online. I spent an extra week at Mango working with their social media team to create content and see how social media runs within a PR agency.

What was it about working at a Sydney based PR company that attracted you? 

I researched a lot of agencies in line with the area of PR I’m interested in. Most of them are based in Sydney so I emailed a couple of dream agencies for an internship placement. I have previously lived in Sydney and have friends who live up there so making the temporary move up there was more exciting and thrilling than daunting. I loved the entire experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. Moving up to Sydney permanently after I graduate is high on my to-do list.

How did you juggle university course work and paid work while interning? 

It’s challenging but it can be done. I wrote a lot of to-do lists and time management was crucial. I will admit there were more than a few all-nighters to get the assignments done but I managed to juggle it all. In fact, I actually prefer the adrenaline rush. It makes you more accountable to your tasks and there is no room procrastination.

What was your most valuable internship experience so far and why?

My time at Undertow Media was the most valuable experience, especially when I was contracted to assist one of their juniors.

I immediately felt part of the team the minute I stepped into the office. I gained a strong sense of responsibility and accountability for everything that was thrown at me. My time management skills were definitely tested (a crucial skill to master so I advise to get on top of it ASAP). Nonetheless, I completed tasks with a passion because I wanted to prove to myself and my colleagues I could handle agency life.

Undertow Media taught me so much about the industry and how to operate in PR. I recommend Undertow Media to anyone interested in a PR internship, I would safely say they have one of the best internship programs around.

Tell us about your favourite client pitch you got to work on and what you learnt from it

McDonald’s has been one of my favourite accounts to work on. I really got to own a project where I wrote media material, pitched to journalists and secured multiple pieces of coverage. I was able to learn how to develop relationships with journalists (a true love-hate relationship) and refine my writing skills. It was so rewarding seeing coverage and knowing you had some input in making that happen.

What’s next for you? 

I don’t have any internships confirmed for the near future but you never know what’s around the corner. Right now I’m focusing on completing my thesis and graduating but I’m sure I’ll slip in a few more placements before graduating.

Emma shares her advice for other aspiring PR pros;

There have been so many quotes to get me through my interning ‘journey’. My mum told me this quote just before cold calling an agency and it has resonated with me ever since:

“Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it.” – We Bought A Zoo

For anything you want to achieve, it’s always going to be ‘no’ until you ask. No matter how whimsical your ambitions may be, throw yourself into the deep end and you never know what may come out of it. 

You can follow Emma on Twitter and ask her any questions about her internship CV. Emma Also reccomends interning at Undertow Media – click here to apply. 

Intern Profile: Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle, 22, loves to travel and see live music. She’s already backpacked her way around Europe for three months, and has seen many live music acts varying in genre from Pink, rapper The Game and Aussie band, Little Red.

Erin’s ultimate goal and dream job is to become a magazine editor. But ideally, Erin would love to be a features, lifestyle or entertainment writer or editor.

She is expecting to graduate at the end of this year with a Bachelor of Communications and Media (Journalism) from the University of Wollongong.

Since September last year, Erin has been interning at Cosmopolitan magazine one day a week. Coming from Wollongong, Erin has to travel an hour and a half each way just to get to her internship in Sydney.

Cosmopolitan magazine is what some women would describe as the ‘bible’ and, is the world’s biggest selling magazine. There is no doubt that Erin’s experience and, current internship with Cosmopolitan will set her apart from other graduates applying for publishing positions.

It was during high school that Erin first decided she wanted to work in magazines. After doing some research, Erin discovered that “the majority of people who had my dream job started off through doing work experience.”

As a way to get her foot in the door, Erin applied to many publications in her first year at university. She ended up doing work experience with Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines.

Doing a week’s work experience at Cosmopolitan must have been a dream come true, as Erin has been reading the magazine since she was 15 years old.

After finishing her work experience with Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines, confirmed Erin’s belief that she was on the right career path. “If one industry could be the perfect fit for a person…this one is for me.” Erin kept in touch with Cosmopolitan and was invited back to do further work experience with the magazine.

Although Erin didn’t know anyone in the industry initially, she says that she wouldn’t have known about her current internship with Cosmopolitan, if it weren’t for her continued work experience at the magazine. Erin says that she is,

“Proof that getting an internship without initially knowing someone can be done…networking is crucial when trying to pursue a career in this industry and work experience [or] internships is a great way of meeting people and building contacts.”

Eventually, one of the Cosmopolitan interns left and Erin put her hand up for the role. She says landing her intern position was a “combination of hard work and good timing…without being there, I never would have known about the vacancy.”

Erin knows how lucky she is to be interning with Cosmopolitan, because “it’s also part of ACP – Australia’s biggest publishing company so it’s a great way to network and find out about jobs at other mags in the same company before anyone else.”

Now interning one day a week at Cosmopolitan, Erin says her jobs can vary each week. The tasks she has been asked to do include, “transcribing interviews, typing, doing research for articles, hitting the streets to conduct vox pops, thinking up questions for upcoming interviews and the occasional coffee run.”

Erin has also been asked to write articles for the magazine, one of which was published in the recent August issue. She has also been apart of a photo shoot, covered Editorial Co-ordinator, Gyan Yankovich’s desk when she’s away and has helped beauty editor, Leigh Campbell clean out the beauty cupboard. After which, Erin was given a bag of beauty goodies, one of the many perks of working at a magazine!

Erin explains that Cosmopolitan is a amazing and friendly environment to work in, nothing like The Devil Wears Prada but that the women working at Cosmopolitan work extremely hard.  “I get to be around some pretty talented women who I’ve learnt quite a few skills from” she says.

All of Erin’s experience at Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines will definitely be an advantage after she graduates from university and applies for publishing jobs.

Erin has been able to put what she’s learnt at university into practice, while at the same time she is close to her dream job of working for a magazine.

Her passion and enthusiasm has gotten Erin to where she is today.

It really proves to every student out there, that with persistence and a willingness to show that you want to learn and help out more than once, you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts.

I can only imagine the feeling Erin had when she saw her name printed at the end of an article that she wrote published in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Erin’s advice for students wanting to apply for work experience in magazines:

“I definitely recommend trying to get as much as work experience as possible and ideally an internship. You learn so much that they don’t teach you at university, make invaluable contacts and it puts you so far ahead of your peers when competing against them for jobs in the future. Start as early as possible and don’t be afraid to apply to as many places as possible. Competition for internships (especially in magazines) is strong and rejection is inevitable but don’t let that get you down. Just keep knocking on doors and eventually someone will open it. Then do whatever it takes once you’re there to prove yourself.”

You can read Erin’s article in the August issue of Cosmopolitan by clicking on this link: Erin Cosmo page – co0811YOUtwitter[1]

Look out for Erin’s article in the November issue of Cosmopolitan (it will be her first paid article).

You can follow Erin on Twitter here and you can also follow the Twitter account for Cosmopolitan Australia here.