By Stephanie Hume.


With university holidays well underway I thought it was the perfect time to offer my recommendations for holiday reads to help inspire you all for semester two or even to help you navigate through your current internship.

I love any form of advice, inspiration or pep talk, that fosters personal growth and development, so it’s not surprising I love career-based books that impart valuable wisdom, which we can all learn something from where others have failed.

Below, in no particular order, are my top five career books for intern inspiration and are well worth a read.



1. If You Have To Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Didn’t Tell You – Kelly Cutrone

For any future or current PR gun, this book is your bible. Dishing out some tough love, Cutrone lends her reader insight into her career highs and lows and how she learnt to overcome the extreme lows through cultivating a commitment to living a life of truth.

She empowers budding power people and provides practical advice and tips with examples from her personal and professional life. This book cuts through the niceties and forces the reader to go after what they want in life, which I found to be very empowering.



2. Women, Work And The Art Of Savior Faire: Business Sense And Sensibility – Mireille Guiliano


From the woman that brought us, French Women Don’t Get Fat, and the former CEO of Veuve Clicquot, this book offers a laundry list of business etiquette and practical advice.

Largely female focused, offering advice on work place practice, the importance of a career mentor and how to fulfill a successful professional and personal life. I found this book to be very helpful, at times lecture-like, but did offer relevant practical career tips.






3. Lean In: Women, Work And The Will To Lead – Sheryl Sandberg


Yes the brand new feminism book, but don’t judge before reading. Highly researched and lessons for men and women. Sheryl writes a very personal account on her experiences as a person, as an employee, as a leader, as a mother and as a woman. It is eye opening and insightful as to why women are in small percentages in leadership positions around the world. However, the research throughout is astonishing and proves we still have a long way to go in personal and professional lives to reach true gender equality.

I now have a new career crush. Sheryl is genuine and witty, and in showing her own short comings as a person proves even being a Harvard graduate and COO of Facebook does not protect her from facing insecurities and difficulties. To get a hint of what the book is about check out her TED Talk.


4.    The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter–And How to Make the Most of Them NowMeg Jay defining decade

I have not yet read this book, but recently watched Meg Jay’s TED Talk and was blown away. Through her experience as a psychologist she learnt that our “thirty is the new twenty” culture was making us twentysomething’s believe our twenties didn’t matter. However, Meg Jay argues the twenty’s are the defining decade of adulthood.

After watching the Ted Talk I had a mini freak out as I too had been tricked into this mantra that the twenties were a buffer decade in the lead up to our 30th birthday. This advice and insightful teachings are relevant and timely and a big wake up call, personally and professionally. I cannot wait to read this book.


5. Oh The Places You’ll Go – Dr. Seuss dr-seuss-front-cover-177908

I did say there was no order, however, this book has helped me through the highs and lows, mainly the lows, and is my favourite pick me up. Dr. Seuss weaves his words magically in this beautifully illustrated picture book. It’s actually a good book to re-visit as its narrative is empowering and helps show that your life will have many highs and lows and that’s natural and normal. My favourite line is:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

There is also a video that was released by Burning Man in 2011 that brings to life the creative words and wisdom.



The list could inevitably keep going. However, these are my personal picks at the moment. We’d love to hear your own recommendations to see what other books you’ve read, are reading or want to read in the future, which could be added to the list.


My Summer Interning Life: Aubrey Hamlett

Hi everyone,

Thanks for being patient and still logging on to My Interning Life, liking the facebook page or following the official twitter page. I am beyond excited when I see how many views I am getting each day for this blog and I haven’t posted since december. This summer ‘break’ has gone so fast and now I have just one month left until I go back to university. Might I add, I am finally in my last year of university! Hurrah. Applause for me (I started in mid 2008).

I suppose then you are wondering why I took a ‘break’ from My Interning Life. Well it’s because my boss at Milk Kiddle Langmaid said she needed me to help her out during November. I had just handed in my last assignment for 2011 and was (wishfully) thinking of taking a break from interning and enjoying some time off.

Life had other plans. I started on November 7th. For the month of November I helped my boss out with the launch of the Beyond Hibiscus event. It then became December. “Oh and I need you for December.” It’s now the end of January and after another successful Milk PR event my boss has stopped saying ‘I need you for [insert month].’ It’s now a given that I’ll be there helping her out. And I’m happy to say, I’m loving it.

I’m not quite loving the lack of time (to do everything, and ‘me’ time) and sleep. Somehow I’ve ‘made it work.’ I’ve been juggling Interning, working casually in hospitality, catching up with friends, attempting to go to the gym and talking until the early hours of the morning on the phone with my long distance (journalist) boyfriend in Western Australia.

It sounds like a lot but everything has worked out for the better.

The most recent event that we did was the Australian Unity Great Australia Day Swim held at Middle Brighton Baths on Australia Day. All proceeds from the event go to charity and the major publicity drawcard was the Michael Klim Milk Celebrity Relay.

The relay proved to be a bit of a headache when trying to secure athletes and/or celebrities who were willing to swim. Being a Melbourne based event I wanted to target some AFL clubs and get them involved. I also contacted a Rugby Union team.

Most sports organisations responded with, sounds like a great event and would love to get involved but the club has training scheduled on that day. Lesson learned. Note to self: sporting organisations plan their training months in advance.

The athletes/celebs that did participate on the day were; Michael Klim, Sophie Edington, Matt Targett, Andrew Lauterstein, Ash Delaney, Toby Roberts (to name a few) and Brodie Young was our co-host for the day.

During the event we had the Bayside Leader, Channel 10 News, The Sunday Age ‘Gate Crasher’, Herald Sun and Herld Sun Confidential, Sunday Herald Sun ‘Snapparazzi’ with Luke Dennehy all show up. Australian Unity the major sponsors of the day also commissioned photographer and man about town, Anthony Licuria of APL Photography to take some snaps.

The day before the event we were on “The Project” (formerly the 7pm Project) and this was some PR that I set up myself which was satisfying to see it all happen. We also had in the lead up to the event Sophie Eddington in the ‘My Sunday’ collumn of Sunday Age M Magazine, Michael Klim feature in the Saturday Herald Sun Weekend mag and some more listings in the Bayside Leaders.

After months of work…it all comes down to this. All three major social pages and a whole lot of smiling Rotarians.

Well done Milk PR.