My Interning Life: Aubrey Hamlett

Hi everyone, thanks for reading another post on ‘My Interning Life.’ This week I’m just going to update you all on what I’ve been doing and sharing some news that I have.

In October, I went along to the Heart/Def Leppard concert because our client, Kristian Attard was playing the bass for Heart. My boss, Shereen loved the concert and we both had a great time. I helped out by getting publicity for Kristian and some airplay on radio stations.

I’ve just finished university for year and have immediately started working 2-3 days a week at Milk Kiddle Langmaid (aka Milkk PR). Shereen said that November is her busiest month and she needed me to help her out more than just one day per week. So there goes my holidays – just kidding. I was planning to catch up on some sleep and be a bit of a couch potato, but it seems life has other plans for me.

As Cliff Bingham said to me on twitter, “‎The perils of moving on up in the world. Couch potatoes rarely realise their dreams.”

In the next few weeks, the Milkk PR office is going to be busy with Sexpo Melbourne (24th-27th November) and launching the new Beyond Hibiscus Infused Coconut Water. During Sexpo, we will also be looking after Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. You know, the lady who reportedly was the other woman in Sandra Bullock’s divorce with Jesse James. Bombshell is going to be on the Kyle and Jackie O show today (Sydney breakfast show, Melbourne drive show) promoting Sexpo and discussing plenty other things.

Featured intern, Aimme Briggs has gone to Sydney with Shereen to help with Bombshell’s appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

I’ve been mostly working on getting media buzz around the Beyond product, Kiddie Concepts and Slim Secrets while Aimme has been working on Sexpo. I’ll also be helping out at Sexpo and I am very excited to meet Bombshell McGee. Stay tuned for tweets and photos.

I also applied for a work experience position at Cosmopolitan magazine. After a week of not hearing any news, I got an email from Gyan saying they’d love to have me in April next year. I was thrilled to hear the news. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a teenager to work in the Cosmopolitan offices, even if it’s just work experience.

Networking is really important and I’ve found twitter and this blog to be really helpful. I had an interview for another internship and am going to follow up some contacts about internships or work experience opportunities. I love working at Milkk and will continue to do so, but I want to try and gain some more experience in different media organisations.

If ‘My Interning life’ has taught me anything, it’s to get as much experience under your belt while you’re still at university. So I hope all of my blog entries each week really motivate and inspire other students to get out there and do some work experience. Or for those who are already doing some experience, to not lose faith and read about the successful graduates who have found jobs in the industry.

I am happy to announce that Luke Mason and Ashleigh McIntosh both scored jobs in communications at AFL Clubs. Luke will be the Collingwood Football Club Digital Content Producer and Ashleigh is the new Digital Marketing Assitant at the Western Bulldogs Football Club. As may have already read, Katey Power after interning at Universal Music Australia is now a PR Account Manager at Ellis-Jones. Matthew Dixon who was on this semesters editorial team for upstart magazine has just completed his third week as a journalist at the Kalgoorlie Miner Newspaper in WA. All four students are 2011 graduates.

When I congratulated Luke about his fabulous news he asked me, “so what job are you gonna pinch in 12 months time?” I don’t know the answer to that question and a lot can happen in a year. 2012 will be an exciting year and I hope its filled with opportunities and more stories of successful interns.

Perhaps in a year’s time, I’ll be able to announce my own news of a career in the media industry and share the news of other 2012 graduates.

Best of luck to everyone, please keep on interning and never give up in your search to find work experience or that dream job.

2012 will be the year that YOU make it work!

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”
– Jim Rohn

Intern update: Matthew Dixon

Matt Dixon was in his final weeks of finishing his Bachelor of Journalism degree at La Trobe University, when he was invited to apply for a journalist position at the Kalgoorlie Miner in Western Australia. Matt was offered the position and after some careful consideration, he made the move from Victoria to WA to begin his career as a journalist.
Matt has just completed his first week at the Kalgoorlie Miner and this is his experience. 

My first week at the Kal Miner.

For those of you who haven’t worked at a daily newspaper the experience can at times be difficult and somewhat stressful. Battling deadlines, spending hours on the cold calling sources and trying to hunt throughout a town you know very little about to find a story doesn’t sound like much fun does it?

Luckily for me the Kalgoorlie Miner is an amazing publication or more to the point an amazing team. Moving to a new town to start a job in which one of the keys is being “in the know” about what is happening is never going to be easy but it all depends on the environment. In this case all the other journalists and photographers were extremely helpful and made my week fly by.

The stories I did were actually of a wide variety (mainly because I don’t have a round yet although that shall be pencilled in this week I hope). On my first day I spent most of the day sitting in a court room listening to the stories of those who managed to get themselves in trouble on the weekend. This meant my first published articles were court briefs. Over the next few day I completed stories on everything from quilting groups, breast-feeding, girls scouts all the way up to a piece for our weekly magazine about a local citizen and their pets. Yes, it may not be extremely hard hitting just yet but this are the sort of stories that sell a newspaper so the hard hitting pieces will have to wait a few more weeks until I get settled in to the town that is Kalgoorlie.

What the experience here thus far has drilled into me even more has been the importance of previous work experience while I was studying. I was lucky enough to work for a newspaper in the USA and be on the editorial staff of university run magazine at La Trobe. It makes the transfer to a “real job” just that much easier. How many university students who haven’t done work experience or interned somewhere would know or understand how a newsroom works or what to do to cover a story quickly and comprehensively? Just being able to sit in on a workplace (even if you are making coffee for the employees) will teach you a lot more than you think.

There is no question moving away from home was a hard for me, as it would be for anyone. But the thing a lot of journalism students are yet to realise is that that is what most media companies want. It is easier to stay in Melbourne or Sydney and spend two years working for nothing than it is to move away from home and work for a daily news paper or TV station. Most of the large media organisations actually have unofficial policies that they will not hire anyone who hasn’t done regional reporting for at least 18 months (excluding cadetships and traineeships).

So if my first week has taught me anything at all it is go regional and get experience. Put yourself out there and learn on the job rather than assuming a degree will make everything okay because it is just one small part of a huge challenge.

You can read more about Matt’s work experience and follow him on twitter.