Intern Profile: Anne Fedorowytsch

Anne Fedorowytsch is a passionate Adelaide Crows (AFL) and SANFL football fan. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Journalism (Public Relations) at the University of South Australia.

Anne has interned for the ABC, Botanic Gardens, Tour Down Under and A-League club, Adelaide United while at university. However her first preference for work experience in the media industry was the Adelaide Crows Communications and Media department.

“I’ve been a Crows supporter since I was a kid and have been interested in writing about football since I was in high school. Working for an AFL club one day is something that I’ve always entertained so the choice was easy,” says Anne.

Anne has also been blogging for the Crows Blog Squad for the past four years, where she writes about her experiences and thoughts on each game. Working for her favourite AFL footy club has been a dream come true.

After doing a one-week stint at the footy club, Anne says the footy club made her feel welcome and never just like an intern. On her first day at the club, Anne watched the Crows players train and was then asked to work on some things for the club’s website.

Later in the morning Anne was invited to watch Jared Petrenko’s press conference. Anne says her most embarrassing moment came after her lunch break when she couldn’t get back into the Crows Westpac Centre. Just as Anne was about to panic, Crows player Richard Douglas came to save the day and opened the door for her.

“He opened the door before I could chirp back, “Thanks Dougie!” and I raced out thinking I could get used to Richard Douglas opening doors for me,” says Anne.

During her time at the footy club Anne was also asked to write articles such as “Crows in the SANFL” and “Crows in the media round 22.” Anne interviewed two Crows players and wrote articles about them.

She also worked on match summaries for the Cover It Live coverage of the Club Champion award. Anne also worked on a match day where she observed the Communications and Media managers and the things they did before and after the games.

After her several work experiences, Anne feels that her time at the Adelaide Crows footy club has made choose the path of working for an AFL club. Ideally, Anne would like to work in the communications department of a sports club or organization.

“I’ve always been torn as to whether I’d rather be in journalism or communications but by completing my placement my preference is a lot clearer,” says Anne.

She also says that her internships and work experiences have helped her become a more confident person not only in herself but also in her abilities. Anne has been searching for a job within the AFL, she recently applied for the Collingwood Football Club Digital Content Producer but missed out.

In the meantime, Anne is a match day media volunteer for Adelaide United. Her primary role is to handle the club’s twitter content before, during and after games.

My Interning Life wishes Anne all the best in her hunt for her dream job.

“Go for it. You may feel out of your depth and a little scared at first but it really is worth putting yourself out there and confronting your fears. It really is the best opportunity to learn about the industry you’re interested in and also gives you the chance to decide what you really want to do in the future.”

You can follow Anne and the Adelaide Crows Football Club on twitter. 


CFC Digital Content Producer Applicants

Collingwood Football Club Digital Content Producer Applicants

As you may have heard the Collingwood Football Club is looking for a Digital Content Producer. My Interning Life is proud to announce that Luke Mason, Ashleigh McIntosh and Anne Fedorowytsch have all applied.

My Interning Life wishes all the best to the applicants.

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