My Interning Life: I intern, therefore I am?

It’s been five months since my last post and it’s because I’ve been dreading writing about my journey since finishing university.

superpitI finished my Bachelor’s degree at the end of October, hopped on a plane to Western Australia and my boyfriend came home (for good) after he resigned from his position at the Kalgoorlie Miner as a journalist.

We drove through the Australian desert from Kalgoorlie to Perth and had a short holiday exploring the western city.

Then it was back to reality.

The reality that I didn’t have an internship nor did I have a full time job lined up.

I thought, “Who am I if I’m not an intern?”

I’ve been an intern for almost two years now and it was daunting to think I actually had to go out in the world and find a full time job. I was scared, unsure and just hoped that my internship experiences on my resume would help me stand out from the graduate pack.

The moment I got back to Melbourne after flying back from Perth, I received an email from Adam Frier at the Melbourne Rebels. I had contacted Adam on my own accord asking if there were any positions at the Rebels and in Adam’s email he asked to meet with me the following morning for a ‘chat.’

I soon learnt that in this industry there is no such thing as a ‘chat.’

My chat with Adam at the Carlton FC cafe (Rebels share facitlities with Carlton) soon turned into a job interview and I realised that I could actually be working in a full time position sooner than I thought.

MIL trophy shotMelbourne Storm was also on hold as my former boss said he would let me know if any opportunties would arise in 2013 and luckily there was a new position at the club, a content producer role.

Unfortunately for me, that role was given to the other Storm intern, Jonathan. The role was more writing based and Jonathan was the match reporter during the 2012 season and, he was an aspiring sports journalist so it made sense to give the role to him.

I’m not going to lie, I was upset that I didn’t land the job after my internship with Storm. You can’t help but become attached to a club and a workplace when you  have been interning there for so long.

I then received an email from Adam that there had been some redundancies at the Rebels and somebody from the commercial team would be given the role I was interviewed for.

At this point I felt like a failure.

It was the new year and I had missed out on two jobs that I would’ve loved to take on. I didn’t get the fairytale like Luke or Ashleigh. In retrospect I was very naive to think that things would just work out, praying for serendipity.

I’d been in touch with another person from a sports club, who has acted as a mentor for me and he told me that I needed to “always have a Plan B.

Interning was my Plan B, however I didn’t yet have anything lined up but I decided that I would tackle the AFL. I set a goal for myself at the end of last year that I wanted to work for an AFL club within the next two years.

My mentor then sent me an email saying he had referred me on to Jonno Simpson at the AFL who was looking for a social media coordinator. Although my mentor didn’t promise me an interview, he told me to send Jonno my resume that afternoon.

I’ve had such highs and lows in the past five months and scoring an interview with the AFL has definitely been a highlight. I was unsuccessful with getting the job at the AFL and the role went to Dion.

So again I went back to my Plan B.

Before the Christmas break my mentor sent off my resume to Essendon FC. In January I sent an email to Essendon following up and one week later I was sitting in the boardroom at Windy Hill for a ‘chat.’

I met with two media employees and they asked me numerous questions about my experiences at Storm and my thoughts on social media. I met with them again a month later and the plan was for me to conduct Essendon’s social media for Family Day.

Aubrey EssendonLast Thursday I began as a media intern at Essendon FC doing some website content work for the media team. On Monday I conducted the social media for the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Essendon FC accounts for Family Day. I made a couple minor errors but overall I had a great time and it was fantastic to see so many of the red and black faithful support their club.

At this point I’m unsure of what 2013 is shaping up to be. On March 17th I would have been an intern for two years and I’ve now got to make the transition from intern to employee. I know that I’ve been fortunate enough to have been considered for a few sports jobs which is perhaps more than many. The hardest part about these past five months has been the rejection but I can honestly say that as one door closes, another door opens. The right job will turn up for me, I just have to be patient.

I’m sure I am not the only one who has gone through the job hunting process. For some of you it may have been the fairytale and for others it may still be a journey but at the end of the day this is what we signed on for. The media industry is a tough nut to crack but make sure you are always looking for the next opportunity and asking yourself what else you can do to further your skills.

Don’t sell yourself short, be proactive and believe in your knowledge and experiences because eventually it will land you your dream job and remember to always have a Plan B.

So I hope you all understand why I’ve stayed away from the blog for so long. I hope that I can continue to share my story with you all and I that help other interns along the way.

Post Edit

When I originally wrote this post last Tuesday, I didn’t have a job. I’ve just started my first week at Netball Australia as Communications Coordinator. I had previously applied for a video based job at Netball Australia/ANZ Championship and was unsuccessful but they kept my resume on file for future opportunities. Two days before I started at Essendon doing casual work, I received an email from Karen Phelan asking if I was interested in taking on a contract in a digital communications role. I met with Karen last Thursday and she immediately offered me the job.

I’m excited, nervous and over come with emotion.It’s going to be a busy and challenging few months ahead but I look forward to this next chapter in my life and the beginning of my career.

If you’re in Melbourne My Interning Life will be holding a catch-up event on Monday 15th of April at The Honey Bar from 6:30pm until 9pm. 

Interns and industry professionals are all welcome. Remi, Isobel and myself will all be attending and ready to answer any questions you may have. You can RSVP to the #MILevent on Eventbrite. Hope to see you there! 


Successful Intern Profile: Anthony Alsop

Anthony Alsop has found his experiences as an intern, landed him to the dream job that he has today. Anthony is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at the Richmond Football Club and is able to combine his passions for technology and sport in his every day professional life.

After being an intern at the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club (NBL) and Essendon Football Club (AFL), Anthony now finds himself hiring interns to help him with his job at Richmond FC.

Anthony interned with the NBL Melbourne Tigers for three years, while studying a Bachelor of Business (Ecommerce) at Swinburne University.

On his first day at the Melbourne Tigers, Anthony got to work straight away by doing admin for the basketball club, something he didn’t expect.

“I was a bit under whelmed by the facilities there, but that only made me realize how much more they needed interns like myself”, says Anthony.

He helped out at the basketball club once a week and then started working on game nights. Anthony had an incredible time working with the Melbourne Tigers, learning about the inner workings of a sport organisation. He also got the chance to meet some of his basketball idols like Andrew Gaze, Lanard Copeland and Chris Anstey.

In 2007 Anthony graduated from university and worked in IT for two years, but felt that his passion for sport was urging him to reconsider his chosen career path.

After leaving his IT job and a brief trip overseas, Anthony found that he could combine his passions for technology and sport by working at a sport organisation.

Anthony realised that one internship wasn’t enough, so he emailed the Essendon Football Club to apply for an intern position. He says that his three years experience with the Melbourne Tigers helped his application stand out from the rest.

Even without a sports degree, Anthony’s references and real world experience granted him the opportunity to intern at Essendon FC for six months in their digital department.

“My internships made me realize how hard it can be to get a job in the industry you love. Landing that dream job is a combination of hard work, luck, the right time [and] who you know all working at once”, Anthony explains.

On a day-to-day basis Anthony looks after all of the Richmond FC social media, like Twitter, Facebook and youtube, the official Richmond Football Club website, three weekly newsletters for members, forums, videos and photos.

Anthony has two interns come in once a week to help produce videos for the Richmond FC website. The Richmond footy club posted video internship positions on Twitter and on university job boards. However, Anthony says another intern emailed Richmond FC and they were given a position based on their application.

Anthony tries to make his interns experience at Richmond FC as enjoyable as possible, because of his own experience as an intern.

“I try to get them to meet the players, or get them into some behind the scenes areas they wouldn’t normally get into. We can’t afford to give these guys a wage but we try and say thanks with tickets, merchandise, etc where we can.”

Anthony’s advice to students looking to intern at a sport organisation recommends using social media as a way to create your expert online identity. He says using Twitter, LinkedIn and having a blog can help students network and connect with organisations that they want to work for in the future.

But most of all, Anthony recommends getting out there and putting your degree into practice by interning.

“[I] can’t stress enough how much I think it helps you elevate yourself from your competitors for that dream job,” Says Anthony. “You need to not only know the right people but once you’re there you need to know your stuff too, get as much real work experience as you can because that is what will stay on your resume forever. And while everyone has their different stories, I wouldn’t be working where I am today without my two stops interning.”

You can follow Anthony and Richmond Football Club on Twitter. You can also connect with Anthony on his LinkedIn profile.

Anthony also has a blog called Sports Spiel, that organises the Digital Sport Summit, Australia’s premiere sport and digital media event.

For students wanting to apply to intern at the Digital Sport Summit, please email