Intern Profile: Anne McGaffigan

All I can say about this weeks featured intern is WOW. 
Anne McGaffigan is a Pace University student at their New York City campus and she is a super intern. She’s currently interning at a match making events company but she’s also interned at Cosmopolitan Magazine, Staff International, Massey Knakal and for designer John Varvatos. 
The Basics
headshotFull Name: Anne McGaffigan
Age: 20
University: Pace University – NYC campus
Expected Graduation: May 2014
Dream job? 
My dream job is to be CEO of a major public relations firm in the fashion industry such as KCD Worldwide or even my own firm. In order for that to happen, I hope to be director of public relations for several fashion designers after college graduation.
Tell us about your previous intern experiences
My first internship was with a show room in NYC called Staff International. I worked directly with the Vice President of Communications for the labels Maison Martin Margiela and DSQUARED2. My daily tasks included sample trafficking, show room merchandising, checking editorials for credits, and at the end of my internship my supervisor taught me how to write a press release. I loved this internship because I worked at the same desk as my superiors and I was able to see the day to day tasks that a show room and PR department complete. While I was at Staff International I also worked on a bridal fashion show for Anne Bowen where I created the design of the invitations, confirmed RSVPs, prepared seating charts, and made sure everyone entering the show was on the guest list. During this time I also interned at a theater company in their wardrobe department.
Next, I interned for Cosmopolitan Magazine in the fashion department. Cosmo was really great for many reasons. My main responsibilities included checking in/out samples, organizing two closets full of designer clothing and accessories, and assisting on photo shoots.
After Cosmopolitan, I interned at a real estate firm called Massey Knakal. I was once again in the PR department and I genuinely loved every second of it! My supervisor was an incredible mentor and she really guided me through every task. At Massey Knakal I wrote and posted press releases, assisted with a press conference, checked editorials for clips, routinely updated press contact lists, drafted weekly PR blasts, and posted on the company’s blog. I really enjoyed Massey Knakal because it seemed like they valued their interns and wanted to make them feel part of the company culture.
After Massey Knakal, I interned with fashion designer John Varvatos. At John Varvatos I was a Special Events and Marketing Intern. I updated guest lists for events, sent out invitations to celebrities, chose photos of sponsor products for marketing projects, and assisted at the VIP fashion week party – Which was an amazing experience!
What was your favourite task while interning at Cosmopolitan Magazine? 
My favorite moment at Cosmo Mag was definitely assisting on photo shoots. We would have one or two feature shoots every two weeks and it was very exciting! I would set up for the shoot, lay out accessories and garments, and basically assist in any other ways possible. The shoots were in rented out penthouses in Manhattan and they were absolutely beautiful. It was incredible to be able to see the way the photos in a magazine come together. Then when you get to look in that month’s magazine and you see the picture that you helped make happen…It’s a really great feeling!
You’re currently interning at a NYC Match Making events company – tell us about what you do there
Currently I intern at a matchmaking and events company called Sunday at Noon. So far, I have had a great experience! I have a lot of hands-on assignments like competitive analysis, writing press releases, and the big project that I am working on is the creation of a promotional video for the website. I work in the same space as the CEO and associates so I get to see exactly what being a matchmaker is like. I hear her talk about dating, what to do, what not to do, love, and life. I’ve definitely absorbed some great advice already! I also start a second internship next week with a company called Urban Daddy which is a lifestyle website providing people with the best places to go and things to buy. They also are known for throwing large-scale promotional parties. I will be working on Special Events and Projects.
How do you juggle interning, attending university and having a social life? 
In NYC, the intern industry can be insane! Everyone in the city is driven, hard working, and talented so it can be a real challenge to define your competitive edge. Sometimes whether you get an internship comes down to your availability because there are so many great interns here looking for amazing opportunities to break into an industry.
Juggling two internships, a full time course load, and being class president is no easy task! It can be difficult in terms of scheduling personal appointments and meetings because I am busy from 9am to 9pm every day, and then on weekends I typically do a week’s worth of homework. I make sure I take a few hours out of my week to write and meditate. It’s important to schedule some me-time into your life so that you can really appreciate everything that you have and remember why you work so hard. I also love yoga and working out to relieve stress. Staying organized is a key factor in maintaining success when you are doing a lot of different things. I write everything down in an old-fashioned agenda even though I own an iPhone.
Tell us about your blog, ‘The PR Intern’
It is and you will find posts about my current internships as well as my personal thoughts about intern life. I have posts about NYC fashion week, interview attire, and the controversial topic of unpaid internships. I would love for you to take a look.
How beneficial is social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn when it comes to finding internships? 
Twitter is a great tool for networking because you can connect with millions of people across the globe. Personally, I do not use Twitter for my business life but I love LinkedIn! I like to keep my Twitter and Facebook private so that I can “socialize” with my friends without it reflecting on me professionally. I heard a great speaker once say, “Myspace is the bar, Facebook is the backyard barbecue, and LinkedIn is the office.”
My advice is that if you’re just starting out, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a call for an interview right away. Finding a good internship takes a lot of patience and persistence. Also, don’t forget to network at your internship. Your supervisors are great connections to have, but if you are at a larger company, remember to always be friendly and nice to the other employees in different departments. You never know if they can help you out (or vice versa) in the future. After all, the more people you know, the more opportunities you will have.
If you want to find out more about Anne and her experience as an intern, check out her blog The PR Intern or connect with Anne on LinkedIn

Intern Profile: Lauren Kruger

Lauren Kruger is currently studying a Bachelor of Journalism at Monash University in Melbourne. Lauren is currently interning and contributing to the Teenage Survival Guide, Madison Magazine and Sassy Bella. She has also done work experience at magazines like Shop Til You Drop, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Lauren shares her experiences and her advice today on My Interning Life. 
The Basics
Lauren Kruger, 23, Monash University, Bachelor of Journalism. I’m about to enter my final semester (finally!) so will be finished at the end of 2012. 
Dream job? 
I would love to be a features writer at a women’s mag like Marie Claire or Madison, or working on their website. 
Tell us about your various internships…
I intern as the Guest Post contributor for the website, (TGSG) where I liaise with contributing writers, as well as writing my own monthly column. I have been there for about three months now. I found out about the position through Twitter, which just goes to show how important it is to keep up with the social media happenings of organisations that you’re interested in. I also do regular work experience at Madison magazine in their web department, which started after I did an initial week of basic work experience there in July 2011. I spent a bit of time doing work for Kate Spies, the online editor, and was lucky enough to be able to go back regularly. 
What do you do on a weekly/daily basis at your internships? 
 At the TGSG I work with contributing writers, helping guide them to write pieces for the website and then sending them on to the editor for publication. I also write my own monthly columns which is really enjoyable, as I am able to have creative freedom as to what I write about. At Madison I help Kate with the maintenance of the site, which includes composing the ‘In the News’ section, uploading content from the magazine, constructing beauty and fashion photo galleries, and even writing my own small pieces for the site.
You also contribute to Sassy Bella …tell us about that 
I came across Sassy Bella on Twitter, and decided to apply to contribute at the end of last year. Since then I have been writing regular pieces, mostly about fashion, for the site, and have been lucky enough to attend store openings, as well as Australian Fashion Week. That was an amazing experience, as I got to work the week just like the mag girls/bloggers do. I was attending shows, writing reviews and lucky enough to do a few interviews with hair and make-up artists. It has also been a great way to network within the industry.
Do you have a blog?
I do have my own blog, but I’m pretty inconsistent in updating it, whoops! It’s called La Bella Vie
How important is a Twitter for a student like yourself? 
For me, Twitter has been incredibly useful in making contacts within the industry. It’s so important to keep up with what is happening, and without Twitter I wouldn’t have my TGSG internship, and I probably wouldn’t be contributing to Sassy Bella. It’s such a great way to start to build a working relationship with some of the people I admire most within the women’s mag industry- some of the people I respect the most follow me, which is great! Having a blog is also a great way to showcase your work, whether it be articles you write for uni assignments, or your own thoughts/musings. You never know who will stumble across your work, and it’s a great outlet for an online portfolio. 
What do you do in your spare time? 
I spend a lot of my spare time writing, or brainstorming ideas. Other than that, I work casually at Little Cupcakes in Melbourne, which is a definite change of pace from uni and interning. 
Do you feel one internship is enough? 
I think if you can do it, interning is a case of the more the merrier. Last year I spent a lot time in Sydney doing work experience at various magazines, including Shop Til You Drop, Cosmo, Madison and Marie Claire. It’s a great way to get to know the people within the industry, especially in one like magazines, where everybody seems to know each other. I’m heading back to Sydney again soon for another week at Madison, which I’m really excited about.
Lauren shares her advice…
Make yourself known to the people you’d love to work with. Do as much work experience and interning as possible, and make the most of every opportunity you’re given. Be enthusiastic, no matter how menial the task you’re doing may seem- it’s a great way to make a good impression, and you’ll be remembered for it. 
You can follow Lauren on Twitter and check out her blog.  

My Cosmopolitan Interning Life

In November last year I applied for work experience at my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan. I was thrilled when Cosmo’s Editorial and Beauty Assistant, Gyan Yankovich, replied to my email and allocated me a week in April this year.

I have been reading Cosmo since my teens and dreamed of working in magazines. As I’ve mentioned before, I became more interested in sports journalism, media, PR and didn’t actively pursue magazines. I knew that if I never applied at Cosmopolitan that I would have always wondered what it would’ve been like in the magazine world.

So there I was lining up at the front desk of ACP’s Park St building. Gyan came and collected me and took me up to the Cosmo office. I was introduced to all the staff and immediately sent on a coffee run. Before I could officially start I signed a confidentiality agreement and a survey asking what I liked or didn’t like about the magazine.

On my first day I organized new products in the beauty closet (it’s very tiny!), conducted a vox pop with Sally Wood, Cosmopolitan’s U Ambassador (you may remember Remi was a finalist) in Pitt St Mall, researched Jen Hawkins’ health and beauty regime, did a mag swap, dropped off pages of the magazine to prepress and transcribed an interview for Features Writer Yeong Sassall.

My first day at Cosmopolitan went by relatively quickly, especially since I got an hour for lunch each day. I finally met former Cosmo Intern Erin Doyle who is lovely and set my mind at ease (I was still very nervous) and gave me some tips.

Day two at Cosmo also went by quickly, starting off with a coffee run. I should make a note of how friendly the coffee guys were to me and every customer who came into the cafe. I then did another vox pop with fashion work experience girl Elise.

After lunch Art Designer Audris Khong gave me a list of shopping to do on Friday. I was delighted with this task as my Dad and I always do the grocery shopping together as our way of catching up on a Saturday. My day ended with more transcribing for Yeong and several models came into the office for a casting.

By my third day at Cosmo I thought I had my routine down pat. Coffee, several trips up to prepress and production etc. However I was finally given a research task by Acting Features Editor Naomi Jaul. Naomi asked me to help her research a feature on celebrity couples and come up with an idea for the ‘You! You! You!’ section in the magazine. Naomi said the ‘You!’ article had to be a cash versus career story.

I got to work on researching celeb couples and Naomi liked my additions to her own research. I then became stuck on the cash versus career idea. All I could think of was interning versus earning money from my casual hospitality job. Eventually after a couple of discussions and brainstorming, Naomi decided the idea had become bigger than a ‘You!’ story and asked me to make a feature story pitch.

I ended up writing a brief pitch on different examples when you have to choose cash or your career. I was really pleased with what I had done that day as I got more of an insight into feature writing at Cosmo. After spending most of my day in front of a computer, I was glad when 5pm came around.

My second last day at Cosmo started off with a coffee run and a brief conversation with Naomi, Yeong and Claire about the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. I ended up suggesting a few male swimmers for the team to research.

My next task of the morning was to sort pages of the June issue using the ‘Grid’, which I knew had Kim Kardashian on the cover because I got a sneek peek at her feature story. The grid was explained to me by Picture and Production Editor Michelle Jackson. Michelle said they use the grid to help them organize the issue and where they can place advertising.

The rest of my day was spent in the Cosmo Fashion Department. I helped out Fashion Office Coordinator Nikki Lowe and Taylor who was also doing work experience in the fashion department that week.

Taylor and myself organized clothes into designer, then sorted and packed clothes to be sent back to PR firms. It seemed like a easy task, but finding the item of clothing on an invoice and packing clothes is very time consuming! And with such a high turnover of clothes, the Cosmo Fashion Department is always in a process of receiving and returning clothes.

My final day at Cosmo was by far the best. I came into the office with some home made baklava as a thank you to Gyan and the team, did my last coffee run, made two trips to the local Woolworths for Audris’ photoshoot, and met Cosmo’s sex columnist Emma Markezic.

I had wanted to meet Emma after I was liaising with her for Milk PR reguarding the Great Australian Sex Census. It turns out that Emma devoted her entire column in the June issue to the Sex Census. I was delighted to see that Emma wrote about the Census in Cosmo as it’s such a valuable piece of PR (especially since I set it up).

But the most exciting task that I did while at Cosmo was helping out Acting Fashion director Charlotte Stokes on a photoshoot. This wasn’t a fashion feature, it was Zoe Foster’s photo shoot for her monthly column. The chances of me meeting Zoe were very slim as she does six different looks for the next six months. So I was very lucky to be there when a photo shoot was scheduled.

Although Zoe is now Cosmo’s Dating Guru, she was Beauty Editor when I first started reading the magazine. I was a fan of Zoe’s beauty column and meeting her was the icing on the cake of a great week at Cosmopolitan.

After I finished at the photoshoot, I went back to the Cosmo office, said goodbye and thank you to the people who were still there and left. I had a really great time and got an insight into the magazine world.

My only regret is that I hadn’t applied at Cosmo sooner. I would really love to do more work experience in magazines but as I am already commited to Melbourne Storm and now Universal Music Australia for the rest of this year, I will have to see how things go.

So my advice to anyone who is reading this is to just to do it. If you want to work in magazines, PR, print, TV or radio.

Just. Do. IT!

Take every opportunity you can get. It only takes one person to give you a chance for you to then forge your own path.

I was given a chance and  have now ended up with a variety of experiences at Milk Kiddle Langmaid PR as an intern and PR Account Manager, intern at Melbourne Storm and Universal Music Australia and work experience at Cosmopolitan Magazine.

All of my varied experiences in the media industry have helped me decided which path is the right one for me. Internships are invaluable industry experience so make the most of it while you’re at university.

WORK EXPERIENCE & INTERNSHIPS AT COSMOPOLITAN: please refer to their website for further details. 

My Interning Life: Aubrey Hamlett

I wrote this post last year on my personal blog, Aubrey Out Of The Box. Today I will embark on a week’s work experience with my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan. I am now 23, still have every issue I’ve ever bought and am excited about the week ahead. As you will read below, I have been passionate about Cosmo for years. It was always my dream to work in magazines.

In the past year and a half or so, I’ve lost sight of that dream. I focussed on my journalism subjects at university and became more interested in sports like AFL and Rugby.

I also fell into the world of PR and am heading down a path which I now feel I am being pushed down. PR was something I was always intrigued by, but sometimes I feel as though I am living someone else’s dream. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy PR but I’m not entirely sure whether I want a career in it. 

If this blog has taught me anything it is to try different fields in media and see if you really enjoy it and want to pursue it. 

This week I have decided is the make or break. If I enjoy the magazine world I will pursue it further when I’m back in Melbourne. I realize how lucky I am to have had a range of intern experiences in PR, Sports and now at Cosmopolitan. I need to get back on track and think about what I really want and not what someone else wants me to do. 

I recently read the story behind one of my favourite songs, ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan and this quote resonated with me in so many ways. 

“Truly to know yourself and find fulfillment, you must face the world alone, mould your future and your philosophy from your own experiences, without relying on the comforts of favor or patronage; instead, one has to push off the shore, head out into uncharted waters with “no direction home.”” – Andy Grill ‘Bob Dylan: The Stories Behind the Songs 1962-1969.’

So here is an insight in to my personal life and views about a magazine that I have loved for so long. Keep an eye on my twitter and facebook accounts for regular updates during the week. 

Wish me luck xo 


July 21st 2011

Today I will dedicate my blog to a magazine who has been in my life for 7 years.

Magazine, no more like a friend.

I have religiously bought Cosmopolitan magazine at the start of every month for the past 7 years. I have never had a subscription, but I get a kick out of remembering it’s the start of the month and making my way to my local super market to purchase the new issue.

I have kept every issue and just the other week my mother suggested I throw them out. I replied with a stern “no.” I should have told her that what she spoke of was blasphemy.

Yes girls and boys, I was reading Cosmo when Mia Freedman was editor.

I bought my first issue of Cosmo in September 2004. My sister told me to do it. I remember hesitating but bought it anyway and my Mum was with my Dad in the UK so what my sister says, goes. The ‘oral sex’ headline gained a mass amount of media scrutiny and was subsequently covered up with a sticker while on sale for the rest of the month.

While reading Cosmo I also fell in love with Zoe Foster’s beauty column. Although I will admit that I am not as into beauty as some people (eg. Zoe) I really enjoyed reading about when she cut her hair to a shoulder length bob and then when she got hair extensions. Zoe left Cosmo for a couple of years (I was devastated) but sometimes a girl can’t resist and she has returned as Cosmo’s own Carrie Bradshaw dishing up relationship advice each month. Zoe’s column is always helpful and entertaining.

I don’t know what it is that makes me excited about Cosmo. Some issues are great, hit the mark and satisfy my every need. With articles on celebrities, relationships for the single girls, career and topless men is always a bonus. Some issues are just a bit…blah or contain too much couplely stuff (sorry loved up couple girls). edit – how funny, I am now one of those loved up couple girls! 

My only complaint is when Cosmo does a ‘footy’ spread, there are never enough AFL players. I’d love a photo shoot with just AFL players. I recently tweeted acting editor, Jessica Parry asking for a feature on Rugby. I turns out that they already had a photoshoot in the works and I might get to see my favourite Rebels player, Nick Phipps in the mag. Ah dreamy. edit – Nick Phipps was in Cosmo with his shirt off. His picture is now on my wall. Ah, dreamy. 

Seven years on I can’t imagine not buying Cosmo every month. I wonder if there is an age when I can’t buy it?35? 40? 64? 92?

Maybe if I feel I’m too old, I can always steal my daughter’s copy.


Intern Profile: Elissa Ratliff

Elissa Ratliff contacted me through the My Interning Life facebook page and wanted to share her story doing work experience at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Elissa is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and will be doing more work expereience at Cleo Magazine in July this year.

In two weeks, I will also be at Cosmopolitan Magazine completing my own weeks worth of work experience.

Elissa shares her story on My Interning Life

The Basics: 

My name is Elissa Ratliff and I am in my first year of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Writing and Cultural Studies) at the University of Technology, Sydney. I expect to finish my course ultimately in 2014, that is if everything goes well.

Dream job?

At the moment, a Beauty Editor at any mag that would have me, but long term, sitting in the Cleo Editor’s desk at 54 Park St Sydney.

Previous interning experiences, where and how long?  

I was lucky enough to be accepted to do a weeks work experience at Cosmo at the eager age of 16, which is three years ago now, but it still feels as if it was yesterday.

Why did you choose Cosmopolitan Magazine? 

I had been reading Mia Freedman’s columns and Zoe Foster’s first novel Air Kisses, and both Mia and Zoe had worked at Cosmo at some stage in their life.

They were and still are my idols, so for me, to get experience where they had once worked was a dream come true. And of course, who really wouldn’t want to experience a week at a place known as ‘The Bible’ to women, and of course the highest selling woman’s magazine in the world?

How did you apply for your internship? 

I did my research, and sent off my resume and a cover letter to the then Editorial Coordinator Michelle Jackson. I was lucky enough to receive a reply that night saying that Cosmo would love to have me, and luckily enough for me, it was that easy.

I now know, that what happened then was a once in a lifetime thing, as Cosmo is overrun with work experience requests, so I was simply very, very lucky.

What was your first day like? 

My first day was everything I imagined it to be, and more. I was greeted in the lobby by Michelle, and then taken through the crisp marble foyer of the ACP headquarters, up to level 5 where I was introduced to all the staff, and consequently scored a compliment from the Editor Bronwyn McCahon who liked my dress (by far the highlight of the day).

I then accompanied Michelle down to the basement to collect the parcels, I did not realize that I would be bringing back two trolleys stacked with clothes, makeup, flowers and lollies, all for the lovely ladies who work there.

The rest of the day was just a rush, I was overwhelmed by the fact that this was actually happening to me, and was really happy to be doing anything that they needed.

What did you do on a daily basis while at Cosmopolitan? 

When I arrived I would do a coffee run, then go and collect the parcels in the rusty old ACP storage elevator, transcript interviews, assist the Cosmo Bride team in cleaning out their fashion cupboard, run errands for the fashion department (One day, I found myself in the headquarters of Louis Vuitton returning a bag), and assist Michelle in the production of the magazine.

Did you get to do something at Cosmopolitan that you did not expect to do? 

One thing I did not expect to do was help out on a fashion shoot, which was incredibly awesome, just to watch the models get their makeup done and then just to be in that atmosphere, it is something I will never forget.

Will you do more interning? Why/why not?

Yes, I am currently in the middle of negotiating an internship with online beauty site Primped. In July I will be doing a weeks work experience at Cleo Magazine.

Has twitter helped you connect with fellow students and prospective employers? 

Yes Twitter has been amazing for me, and has allowed to connect with the magazines I love, and those whose writing inspires me. Latley I feel I have been neglecting facebook for twitter, which is actually a bit of a surprise.

Elissa’s advice…

Mia Freedman’s advice to a group of UTS students, in which I was one of, was think of yourself as a brand on twitter, on facebook, on your CV- everywhere, and I think this is so true. You can make such good connections through twitter to get where you want to be, so upload things that matter and retweet. 

Also, never back down. If you have a dream, keep applying for internships, keep applying for work experience, because even if you get knocked back a billion times, the only way you will get to where you want to be is to get back up and try again. And also, be pushy, send as many emails as you can, and keep sending them until you get a reply, and if its good, it would have paid off, and if its bad, try again. 

Always remember what the Rolling Stones say, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

You call follow Elissa on Twitter and read her blog

If you would like to share your internship experiences on My Interning Life please email me: OR alternatively you can send me a DM on the facebook or twitter pages. 

My Interning Life: Aubrey Hamlett

Hi everyone, thanks for reading another post on ‘My Interning Life.’ This week I’m just going to update you all on what I’ve been doing and sharing some news that I have.

In October, I went along to the Heart/Def Leppard concert because our client, Kristian Attard was playing the bass for Heart. My boss, Shereen loved the concert and we both had a great time. I helped out by getting publicity for Kristian and some airplay on radio stations.

I’ve just finished university for year and have immediately started working 2-3 days a week at Milk Kiddle Langmaid (aka Milkk PR). Shereen said that November is her busiest month and she needed me to help her out more than just one day per week. So there goes my holidays – just kidding. I was planning to catch up on some sleep and be a bit of a couch potato, but it seems life has other plans for me.

As Cliff Bingham said to me on twitter, “‎The perils of moving on up in the world. Couch potatoes rarely realise their dreams.”

In the next few weeks, the Milkk PR office is going to be busy with Sexpo Melbourne (24th-27th November) and launching the new Beyond Hibiscus Infused Coconut Water. During Sexpo, we will also be looking after Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. You know, the lady who reportedly was the other woman in Sandra Bullock’s divorce with Jesse James. Bombshell is going to be on the Kyle and Jackie O show today (Sydney breakfast show, Melbourne drive show) promoting Sexpo and discussing plenty other things.

Featured intern, Aimme Briggs has gone to Sydney with Shereen to help with Bombshell’s appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

I’ve been mostly working on getting media buzz around the Beyond product, Kiddie Concepts and Slim Secrets while Aimme has been working on Sexpo. I’ll also be helping out at Sexpo and I am very excited to meet Bombshell McGee. Stay tuned for tweets and photos.

I also applied for a work experience position at Cosmopolitan magazine. After a week of not hearing any news, I got an email from Gyan saying they’d love to have me in April next year. I was thrilled to hear the news. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a teenager to work in the Cosmopolitan offices, even if it’s just work experience.

Networking is really important and I’ve found twitter and this blog to be really helpful. I had an interview for another internship and am going to follow up some contacts about internships or work experience opportunities. I love working at Milkk and will continue to do so, but I want to try and gain some more experience in different media organisations.

If ‘My Interning life’ has taught me anything, it’s to get as much experience under your belt while you’re still at university. So I hope all of my blog entries each week really motivate and inspire other students to get out there and do some work experience. Or for those who are already doing some experience, to not lose faith and read about the successful graduates who have found jobs in the industry.

I am happy to announce that Luke Mason and Ashleigh McIntosh both scored jobs in communications at AFL Clubs. Luke will be the Collingwood Football Club Digital Content Producer and Ashleigh is the new Digital Marketing Assitant at the Western Bulldogs Football Club. As may have already read, Katey Power after interning at Universal Music Australia is now a PR Account Manager at Ellis-Jones. Matthew Dixon who was on this semesters editorial team for upstart magazine has just completed his third week as a journalist at the Kalgoorlie Miner Newspaper in WA. All four students are 2011 graduates.

When I congratulated Luke about his fabulous news he asked me, “so what job are you gonna pinch in 12 months time?” I don’t know the answer to that question and a lot can happen in a year. 2012 will be an exciting year and I hope its filled with opportunities and more stories of successful interns.

Perhaps in a year’s time, I’ll be able to announce my own news of a career in the media industry and share the news of other 2012 graduates.

Best of luck to everyone, please keep on interning and never give up in your search to find work experience or that dream job.

2012 will be the year that YOU make it work!

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”
– Jim Rohn

Intern Profile: Erin Doyle

Erin Doyle, 22, loves to travel and see live music. She’s already backpacked her way around Europe for three months, and has seen many live music acts varying in genre from Pink, rapper The Game and Aussie band, Little Red.

Erin’s ultimate goal and dream job is to become a magazine editor. But ideally, Erin would love to be a features, lifestyle or entertainment writer or editor.

She is expecting to graduate at the end of this year with a Bachelor of Communications and Media (Journalism) from the University of Wollongong.

Since September last year, Erin has been interning at Cosmopolitan magazine one day a week. Coming from Wollongong, Erin has to travel an hour and a half each way just to get to her internship in Sydney.

Cosmopolitan magazine is what some women would describe as the ‘bible’ and, is the world’s biggest selling magazine. There is no doubt that Erin’s experience and, current internship with Cosmopolitan will set her apart from other graduates applying for publishing positions.

It was during high school that Erin first decided she wanted to work in magazines. After doing some research, Erin discovered that “the majority of people who had my dream job started off through doing work experience.”

As a way to get her foot in the door, Erin applied to many publications in her first year at university. She ended up doing work experience with Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines.

Doing a week’s work experience at Cosmopolitan must have been a dream come true, as Erin has been reading the magazine since she was 15 years old.

After finishing her work experience with Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines, confirmed Erin’s belief that she was on the right career path. “If one industry could be the perfect fit for a person…this one is for me.” Erin kept in touch with Cosmopolitan and was invited back to do further work experience with the magazine.

Although Erin didn’t know anyone in the industry initially, she says that she wouldn’t have known about her current internship with Cosmopolitan, if it weren’t for her continued work experience at the magazine. Erin says that she is,

“Proof that getting an internship without initially knowing someone can be done…networking is crucial when trying to pursue a career in this industry and work experience [or] internships is a great way of meeting people and building contacts.”

Eventually, one of the Cosmopolitan interns left and Erin put her hand up for the role. She says landing her intern position was a “combination of hard work and good timing…without being there, I never would have known about the vacancy.”

Erin knows how lucky she is to be interning with Cosmopolitan, because “it’s also part of ACP – Australia’s biggest publishing company so it’s a great way to network and find out about jobs at other mags in the same company before anyone else.”

Now interning one day a week at Cosmopolitan, Erin says her jobs can vary each week. The tasks she has been asked to do include, “transcribing interviews, typing, doing research for articles, hitting the streets to conduct vox pops, thinking up questions for upcoming interviews and the occasional coffee run.”

Erin has also been asked to write articles for the magazine, one of which was published in the recent August issue. She has also been apart of a photo shoot, covered Editorial Co-ordinator, Gyan Yankovich’s desk when she’s away and has helped beauty editor, Leigh Campbell clean out the beauty cupboard. After which, Erin was given a bag of beauty goodies, one of the many perks of working at a magazine!

Erin explains that Cosmopolitan is a amazing and friendly environment to work in, nothing like The Devil Wears Prada but that the women working at Cosmopolitan work extremely hard.  “I get to be around some pretty talented women who I’ve learnt quite a few skills from” she says.

All of Erin’s experience at Cosmopolitan and Girlfriend magazines will definitely be an advantage after she graduates from university and applies for publishing jobs.

Erin has been able to put what she’s learnt at university into practice, while at the same time she is close to her dream job of working for a magazine.

Her passion and enthusiasm has gotten Erin to where she is today.

It really proves to every student out there, that with persistence and a willingness to show that you want to learn and help out more than once, you will eventually be rewarded for your efforts.

I can only imagine the feeling Erin had when she saw her name printed at the end of an article that she wrote published in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Erin’s advice for students wanting to apply for work experience in magazines:

“I definitely recommend trying to get as much as work experience as possible and ideally an internship. You learn so much that they don’t teach you at university, make invaluable contacts and it puts you so far ahead of your peers when competing against them for jobs in the future. Start as early as possible and don’t be afraid to apply to as many places as possible. Competition for internships (especially in magazines) is strong and rejection is inevitable but don’t let that get you down. Just keep knocking on doors and eventually someone will open it. Then do whatever it takes once you’re there to prove yourself.”

You can read Erin’s article in the August issue of Cosmopolitan by clicking on this link: Erin Cosmo page – co0811YOUtwitter[1]

Look out for Erin’s article in the November issue of Cosmopolitan (it will be her first paid article).

You can follow Erin on Twitter here and you can also follow the Twitter account for Cosmopolitan Australia here.