My Interning Life Event

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My Interning Life is holding an event!

The event is all about connecting and networking with other interns and professionals from the media industry.

Come along and share your experiences and advice – we’d love to meet you!

When: 15th April 2013 6:30pm – 9pm

Where: The Honey Bar 345 Clarendon St South Melbourne, Melbourne.

(Cnr Park St & Clarendon) Street parking is available after 6pm.

please RSVP to secure your attendance

*A small door entry prize will be up for grabs for one lucky intern*
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Editor Aubrey: @aubreyhamlett 
Contributors: Remi @remikins & Isobel @isobelloschiavo

Hope to see you all there!

x MIL Aubrey, Remi & Isobel


My Interning Life: Contributors

Hi Interns,

Please welcome to the My Interning Life team Remi and Isobel who will be contributing to the website, social media pages and the upcoming MIL event.

I’m really excited about how well My Interning Life is going so I need all the help that I can get! You might remember Remi who was my very first featured intern on this blog and Isobel who moved to Sydney to intern.

About Remi


@remikins Assistant Victorian State Manager for Live Below the Line.  In my final year of PR at RMIT, I’m a lover of good food, cheap cocktails and cute dresses.

“You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.  You’re on your own.  And you know what you know.  And you are the one who’ll decide where to go…” – Dr. Seuss

Previously a coffee girl at Glamourflage Cosmetics, Milkk, Style Counsel, and now, The Oaktree Foundation.

Dream job? Somewhere I can use my PR prowess and fabulous communication skills to make a positive contribution to society.

About Isobel

296845_10150854865005294_532365293_21310454_1319469924_n@isobelloschiavo Currently an intern at Ogilvy and Flourish PR. I am also about to enter my final year of PR at RMIT. I am a social media junkie, self-confessed Kardashian expert, iPhone dependent, shopaholic with an addiction to coffee and dreams of living in NYC. Follow me on Instagram @isobelloschiavo.
“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”
Previously an intern at Burson-Marsteller and law student at VU, I now spend my days as a counter girl at a retail job in between interning.
Dream job? PR at NBC in New York City.

My Cosmopolitan Interning Life

In November last year I applied for work experience at my favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan. I was thrilled when Cosmo’s Editorial and Beauty Assistant, Gyan Yankovich, replied to my email and allocated me a week in April this year.

I have been reading Cosmo since my teens and dreamed of working in magazines. As I’ve mentioned before, I became more interested in sports journalism, media, PR and didn’t actively pursue magazines. I knew that if I never applied at Cosmopolitan that I would have always wondered what it would’ve been like in the magazine world.

So there I was lining up at the front desk of ACP’s Park St building. Gyan came and collected me and took me up to the Cosmo office. I was introduced to all the staff and immediately sent on a coffee run. Before I could officially start I signed a confidentiality agreement and a survey asking what I liked or didn’t like about the magazine.

On my first day I organized new products in the beauty closet (it’s very tiny!), conducted a vox pop with Sally Wood, Cosmopolitan’s U Ambassador (you may remember Remi was a finalist) in Pitt St Mall, researched Jen Hawkins’ health and beauty regime, did a mag swap, dropped off pages of the magazine to prepress and transcribed an interview for Features Writer Yeong Sassall.

My first day at Cosmopolitan went by relatively quickly, especially since I got an hour for lunch each day. I finally met former Cosmo Intern Erin Doyle who is lovely and set my mind at ease (I was still very nervous) and gave me some tips.

Day two at Cosmo also went by quickly, starting off with a coffee run. I should make a note of how friendly the coffee guys were to me and every customer who came into the cafe. I then did another vox pop with fashion work experience girl Elise.

After lunch Art Designer Audris Khong gave me a list of shopping to do on Friday. I was delighted with this task as my Dad and I always do the grocery shopping together as our way of catching up on a Saturday. My day ended with more transcribing for Yeong and several models came into the office for a casting.

By my third day at Cosmo I thought I had my routine down pat. Coffee, several trips up to prepress and production etc. However I was finally given a research task by Acting Features Editor Naomi Jaul. Naomi asked me to help her research a feature on celebrity couples and come up with an idea for the ‘You! You! You!’ section in the magazine. Naomi said the ‘You!’ article had to be a cash versus career story.

I got to work on researching celeb couples and Naomi liked my additions to her own research. I then became stuck on the cash versus career idea. All I could think of was interning versus earning money from my casual hospitality job. Eventually after a couple of discussions and brainstorming, Naomi decided the idea had become bigger than a ‘You!’ story and asked me to make a feature story pitch.

I ended up writing a brief pitch on different examples when you have to choose cash or your career. I was really pleased with what I had done that day as I got more of an insight into feature writing at Cosmo. After spending most of my day in front of a computer, I was glad when 5pm came around.

My second last day at Cosmo started off with a coffee run and a brief conversation with Naomi, Yeong and Claire about the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. I ended up suggesting a few male swimmers for the team to research.

My next task of the morning was to sort pages of the June issue using the ‘Grid’, which I knew had Kim Kardashian on the cover because I got a sneek peek at her feature story. The grid was explained to me by Picture and Production Editor Michelle Jackson. Michelle said they use the grid to help them organize the issue and where they can place advertising.

The rest of my day was spent in the Cosmo Fashion Department. I helped out Fashion Office Coordinator Nikki Lowe and Taylor who was also doing work experience in the fashion department that week.

Taylor and myself organized clothes into designer, then sorted and packed clothes to be sent back to PR firms. It seemed like a easy task, but finding the item of clothing on an invoice and packing clothes is very time consuming! And with such a high turnover of clothes, the Cosmo Fashion Department is always in a process of receiving and returning clothes.

My final day at Cosmo was by far the best. I came into the office with some home made baklava as a thank you to Gyan and the team, did my last coffee run, made two trips to the local Woolworths for Audris’ photoshoot, and met Cosmo’s sex columnist Emma Markezic.

I had wanted to meet Emma after I was liaising with her for Milk PR reguarding the Great Australian Sex Census. It turns out that Emma devoted her entire column in the June issue to the Sex Census. I was delighted to see that Emma wrote about the Census in Cosmo as it’s such a valuable piece of PR (especially since I set it up).

But the most exciting task that I did while at Cosmo was helping out Acting Fashion director Charlotte Stokes on a photoshoot. This wasn’t a fashion feature, it was Zoe Foster’s photo shoot for her monthly column. The chances of me meeting Zoe were very slim as she does six different looks for the next six months. So I was very lucky to be there when a photo shoot was scheduled.

Although Zoe is now Cosmo’s Dating Guru, she was Beauty Editor when I first started reading the magazine. I was a fan of Zoe’s beauty column and meeting her was the icing on the cake of a great week at Cosmopolitan.

After I finished at the photoshoot, I went back to the Cosmo office, said goodbye and thank you to the people who were still there and left. I had a really great time and got an insight into the magazine world.

My only regret is that I hadn’t applied at Cosmo sooner. I would really love to do more work experience in magazines but as I am already commited to Melbourne Storm and now Universal Music Australia for the rest of this year, I will have to see how things go.

So my advice to anyone who is reading this is to just to do it. If you want to work in magazines, PR, print, TV or radio.

Just. Do. IT!

Take every opportunity you can get. It only takes one person to give you a chance for you to then forge your own path.

I was given a chance and  have now ended up with a variety of experiences at Milk Kiddle Langmaid PR as an intern and PR Account Manager, intern at Melbourne Storm and Universal Music Australia and work experience at Cosmopolitan Magazine.

All of my varied experiences in the media industry have helped me decided which path is the right one for me. Internships are invaluable industry experience so make the most of it while you’re at university.

WORK EXPERIENCE & INTERNSHIPS AT COSMOPOLITAN: please refer to their website for further details. 

Vote Remi for Cosmopolitan’s U Ambassador!

My Interning Life is proud to announce that our very first intern, Remi Gordon is a top 10 finalist in this years Cosmopolitan U Ambassador.

“I’ve been announced as one of the Top 10 Finalists in Cosmo’s search for an intern. If I win, I’ll be lucky enough to relocate to Sydney and spend 6 months in girl heaven. But I need your help. Vote for me, and then invite your friends, family, or even people from the street to vote me in. Do this for me and I’ll never ask anything of you again (unless you’re my mum) You can vote multiple times a day, every day, just make it a part of your daily online activities and soon enough, you won’t remember a time when you weren’t voting for me”

My Interning Life wishes Remi all the best in the competition.





Intern Profile: Remi Gordon


Meet Remi Gordon, she is a 18 year old Brisbanite turned Melburnian.

She blogs, she tweets, and her dream job is to work for Channel 10 or for a fashion magazine, “just like every other PR girl out there.”

Remi has just finished a two-month internship with online beauty and cosmetics company, Glamourflage

Remi is currently at RMIT studying a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Public Relations. She hopes to graduate in 2013.

Remi is in her first year at university and decided to start interning because she wanted to “gain a broader understanding of how the industry works.” Although working in the industry isn’t a requirement until her third year, Remi decided to start early.

She searched online but felt disheartened when she realised how competitive internships are. However, Remi was determined to put the theory she was learning at university into practice.

Luckily a friend at Remi’s university knew someone at Glamourflage who was looking for interns. Cosmetics and beauty are a girl’s dream to work in. So Remi took the opportunity and got in touch with the company.

On her first day at Glamourflage, the butterflies kicked in. Remi didn’t know what to expect and discovered she’d be working in a small office environment. “Working in a smaller team was beneficial because I got more responsibility” says Remi.

She worked closely with the Glamourflage team consisting of a marketing manager, accountant and import/export manager. She says it was a very laid back environment, “everyone was very casual in jeans and sneakers”, but expectations were still very high.

Remi interned at Glamourflage one to two days a week. Her official title was ‘social media intern’, where she looked after Glamourflage’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as assisting with blog writing on the website.

Although there are some shops that stock Glamourflage’s products, the majority of their orders come via the website. Remi had to pack orders for customers and respond to call-outs from magazine editors.

Like all university students, Remi had to learn how to juggle her work load with interning and casually working at a jewellery store. She said, “[it was] difficult at first…you have to be organized but my social life and uni (sic) grades weren’t affected negatively.”

Although Remi has finished interning with Glamourflage, she believes the experience was helpful and has now steered her in the direction of fashion and TV. She feels that beauty and cosmetics isn’t the area for her but she believes that, “any experience is good experience.”

Remi’s career ambition is to one day work in television, but says she’s more realistic in hoping to work at a PR firm with a variety of cliental.

Remi also hopes to do more work experience and interning, preferably in the area of business. “It’s really important in our industry to network and gain contacts so that one day you can use those to your advantage.”

Using Twitter has also helped Remi keep in touch with prospective employers,

    “I follow a lot of PR firms in Melbourne and try to interact with them where appropriate so that if the time comes that I wish to intern or apply for a job there, I have already put myself out there.”

Remi’s advice to fellow university students who are thinking about work experience or interning:

“Definitely just put yourself out there. I believe in giving things a go, and if you don’t try something, you’ll never know! Also, remember that you are there to LEARN, so don’t feel bad if something doesn’t turn out right the first or second time. Remember that the people you’re working with are professionals and have probably been in the industry for a while. Everything you do, you learn from, so even if you learn that you never want to work there again, you’ve still learnt something.”


Remi also has her own blog, Ardente Buttercup where she writes weekly posts titled, The Sunday Seven and Wordless Wednesday. You can also follow her on twitter