My Interning Life: Aubrey Hamlett

This post is dedicated to all the people who have come across My Interning Life in the last month and who have been inspired to find an internship. I wish everyone the best in finding an internship and please don’t give up if you’ve been knocked back. Keep trying and luck will find you.

Because My Interning Life is having a one week holiday, here is an update on my own interning experience with Milk Kiddle Langmaid PR (aka Milkk PR).

Over the weekend I worked at the Hunkmania event for Milkk PR. Saturday marked six months since I began interning with Shereen once a week at her home office. The event was largely for hens and brides-to-be because Hunkmania is a male stripper group that entertain women in clubs across Melbourne.

Hunkmania wasn’t an event I had been working on, but I was happy to come along to the event and help out where I could. It was also ‘research’ because I will be planning a hens night for my sister who is getting married next august. When I say research, I mean I have never attended anything like Hunkmania and boy was it entertaining and shocking (in a good way).

Working for Milkk PR is certainly a unqiue experience to say the least. I have recently been working on a press release for Australian musician, Kristian Attard who is the bassist for Heart. Def Leppard are touring Australia next month with Heart as the support act. Kristian was referred on to Shereen to try and get him some publicity while he tours his home country on the Def Leppard/Heart tour.

More work that I have done at Milkk recently, has been updating press releases for our other clients such as Dr Leon and our super psychic, Susan Taylor. Milkk PR was also involved in the Cuppa for HeartKids High Tea held at the Grand Hyatt on August 25th. I did not attend the event but I am told that it was a fabulous afternoon with mums, celebrity chefs and cooking all in an effort to raise money for the HeartKids foundation.

I have also recently been working on the press release for the Bombshell Babes who will debut their act at Melbourne’s Sexpo. Lead by Bombshell McGee and her Penthouse Pets, Kimba and River, our aim was to get an exclusive with a social page, to promote the Bombshell Babes before their inaugural performance at Sexpo.

Well that’s about all for now. I hope everyone looks forward to the next intern profile which will be posted on Monday.

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